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June 2020

Before yoga exploded into a 16 billion dollar industry, people traditionally used the ancient practice to cultivate health, happiness and wholeness.

With yoga studios popping up on every downtown corner, you may struggle to find the practice that’s best for you. That we’re each unique expressions of nature is the platform on which Orenda Yoga is built.

With so many trendy works to try, it’s hard to find—and stick with—the practice that’s right for you. TKTK Orenda Yoga.

June 2020

Meditation teachers would be billionaires if they were given a nickel every time a yoga student said, “I can’t meditate. My mind just doesn’t stop!”

The truth is this: Meditation is exhausting. It requires a lot of discipline to not check your phone because you’re bored, or fix your shirt/hair/anything when you can’t sit still. Buddhist mindfulness techniques supported by western neuroscience can help even the most restless person be more present.

continuing education
June 2018

Continuing education is the cornerstone of orenda yoga. Too often, new teachers graduate from a 200-hour training and never go back. We don’t claim to be experts, but we’re avid learners, voracious readers and insatiable seekers. We’ll share what we learn in accordance with the latest science.

And with a constant influx of new yoga teachers, it doesn’t take long before you’re a “senior teacher” at your yoga studio—and you’ve only been teaching yoga for three years.

We offer workshops to round out your weekend practice and trainings for the inquisitive blah blah blah.


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